Monday, May 12, 2008

"Your spontaneity should be illegal..."


Quick update: Turns out I can move in to my new place a few days sooner than I thought! As in the end of this week! And also, Annie cleared off her extra bed in her room, so I don't have to sleep in the living room anymore. Things are going a little better.

I've gone through and done a little re-vamp of the ole blog-aroo-- added a few links, changed up the colors, utilized the "labels" thing. In so doing, I came across a few old entries that had some excerpts from the quotebook. I haven't done that in a while, so for your blog-perusing pleasure, here are a few gems from the past several months or so!

EVERYONE: "Jenny, open your mouth! How big is it?"
JENNY: "Hold on, I have to clean, it's...messy."
LIZ: "What, you have to 'tidy'?"
SARAH: "She wasn't"
(This is also how we came up with the euphemism "I had company" to mean making out.)

"I shall take the wax of mine ear and stick thine eyelids to my foot!" --JESSE, improvised Elizabethan insult in "Faustus" rehearsal

"A backpack at the Statue of Liberty is like a pork chop at a bar mitzveh." --BECKAH

"He didn't fool me for a minute! Actually his big brown eyes did a little but now they're full of brown crap! And its smelly!" --ANONYMOUS GIRL

"That is such a cute outfit! You look like a cute...pregnant...sailor...summer." --ANNIE

"What is these tubes!?" --BECKAH
(This has come to be universally used to mean "What is that/this?")

"Oh, these shoes are soft. I feel like I'm walking on piles of baby ducks." --JORDAN, Comic Frenzy show

"My human anatomy class is going to kill me! I went to '27 Dresses' earlier this week and all I could think was how Katherine Heigl's collar-bone is really pretty, but I couldn't remember the landmarks on the clavicle for the life of me!" --TAYLOR

"Jesse, your face looks like wrapping paper after Christmas morning." --ANNIE

"I deprived you of the moral of the alarm clock story and that is being polite EFFING sucks because you miss classes for it. So next time you see an elderly man or woman in the store, give them the finger cuz, hey, you can't afford not to." --NATHAN

"A meatball is pretty much anyone who's not worth their weight in ground carcass." --JESSE

"I can never sleep. That's where I solve all my problems--in bed. In more ways than one. (smile) Its so great to be married." --ADAM

"There are no butterflies in Africa. There's only AIDS." --ANNIE

SHANELLE: "You're loud and obnoxious."

"I wish I was a fish! Fish don't have back problems!" --AMANDA

"I'm lost in the forest of woe!" --BECKAH

"See, this is why we do activities like this on Fridays. If you do this on a Monday, you won't get the flowery punchbowl of naturalism." --BRO. ALLEN

JESSE: "Why can't you sit cross-legged? Do you have a lack of butt?"
JOHN: "No, I'm just Anglo-Saxon."

"Make-outs are like bacon. Tastes so good, but not necessarily good for you. And occasionally leaves you with heartburn." --MARY AND LIZ

"I have taken a dance class here, and I have seen things you can't find on the internet." --DAVEY

"If ever there's a war that involves throwing Swedish fish, don't enlist me." --STEVEN

"Why would anyone be a Congressman if they could FLY?" --ANNIE

"Have you ever put soap in a microwave? It expands! It expands like a tumorous cloud!" --NATHAN

"Wouldn't it be great if, instead of stinging you, bees rescued you from quicksand?" --ANONYMOUS LITTLE GIRL

I hope you are all merrily diverted!

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  1. I made Liz's blog!!! Hooray! On days when I am not feeling funny, you make me feel better!