Monday, October 6, 2008

Channeling cummings...

The e.e., not the Alan. Here's a poem. It's kind of an experiment, but I had fun writing it. Like I was telling a friend, the resulting poem here seems to be one part e.e. cummings, the other part sullen teenager. The ending's a little weak, as per usual, but its the line the poem was born of, so I couldn't bring myself to change it.

Also, I completed my first video blog yesterday, and have learned that its fun and that I detest the latest version of iMovie and that my startup disk is almost full. Youtube is currently processing my uploaded video blog, so expect to see that up here soon!

NOTE: In its original format, this poem is all over the page, and the placement of the words is important to the meaning. However, blogger isn't caring to recognize that, so until I figure out a way to make it do things MY way, you'll have to settle for just the words and my assurance that the poem is much more interesting in its original cummings form.

One Smart Cookie

If she baked you bread
if you took a bite
just a taste of her
would it turn into butterflies?

I sense you wanting
she writes in tongues

Thow wing lang widge
like EllaQueenOfAllThings Jazz
throws syllables

Comic Frenzy’s
been doing it for years
and that God of Language
He’s all Mine.

(all Kleenex all snottearschocolate)
“asaWomanI can tell”
“I know you”
my green green green eyes all MoralsHonestyFriendshipLoyalty

stay on my backburner
simmer simmer slowly
Let me let all the bitter
simmer simmer out

begin to see the light at last
For I shall disapprove of anyone you date
so long as she is not

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