Monday, December 26, 2011

December changes

Well, one week from today, we'll be moving into our new apartment.

It's truly bittersweet -- we've loved living in Rexburg West. We spent the first year and a half of our marriage there. We spent the first 6 months of that with Carrie and Scott as our neighbors. The Taits have been our neighbors this whole time, too. We've worked in the Primary in our ward for the whole year and a half that we've lived there. Part of me is thrilled to be moving, but a corner of my heart is DREADING it.

- Cheaper rent
- Funky little apartment
- Closer to EVERYTHING (walking distance to: campus, Great Harvest, Teton Thai, cheap theatre, College Avenue Deli, Cocoa Bean Cupcake Cafe, Wells Fargo, Porter's, Plasma Center, Sammy's, Mike's Music)
- Back on College Avenue, which has got a whole load of sentimental value already
- Neighbors with my new friend Danielle

- No longer neighbors with the Taits (or my sister, who just moved into the complex)
- No longer in our ward

And those two cons alone almost outweigh all the pros. But it's the right thing for us to do. And it's not like we're moving across the country, or the state, or even too far across town. We're moving, like, 6 blocks. It just feels more dramatic because we live in Rexburg and it's our first move as a married couple.

In the meantime, we're here in Utah, jamming on the guitar with Jacob's extended family, planning a visit with our beloved Carrie and Scott, sneezing (the people we're staying with have cats, which make me sneeze), and trying to find a movie theatre that's playing "My Week With Marilyn." Which I'm DYING to see, but neither Rexburg nor Idaho Falls is showing it.

Enjoy your post-Christmas activities, everyone! I'm going to eat more pumpkin pie and watch documentaries. Maybe do a puzzle or two.


image via Pinterest
(Pinterest is a black hole and I'm nearing the edges of its gravitational power.)


  1. I was just thinking that I hope you graduate unlike a good many of our friends who left there without a degree. Something to this day I do not understand.

  2. Oh, Pinterest is a HUGE time-suck. I love it. Do you have an account? What's your handle?

    iminerb: the herb whose addition to the pot is imminent.

  3. I know who you are!!

    And I love that you counted living within walking distance of the plasma center as a pro. I tried to donate once. I was disqualified on account of having used an inhaler in the past year. THEIR LOSS.