Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I fell asleep among the flowers...

Current daydreams:

1. Something happens, and Roger calls Jacob and I up and asks us to come work at the Playmill for the summer. (Not that I want anything to happen to any of the current Playmill players...I just want to join them.)

2. Judy hires me on for 20-30 hours a week in the Theatre Office/script library for the summer, even though I'm not taking any classes.

3. I sing in a rock opera at Sammy's.

4. I have a hammock on the roof outside our apartment bedroom window, where I read novels to my heart's delight.

5. Jacob and I split the cost with some friends to rent a cottage on the Oregon Coast and spend a weekend reading, talking, laughing, eating, and playing on the beach.

6. I get to read whatever I want, with no other homework-esque obligations to get in my way.

7. Someone hands Jacob and I a check for $5,000 and tells us not to worry about finding jobs over the summer, but to just take a break and enjoy ourselves--floating the river, reading, planning a Theatre camp... (is that too much to ask for 2 summers in a row?)

8. My plantar's warts (gross, I know) disappear from the soles of my feet forever, and I can walk without wincing for the first time in nearly a year.

9. I get to play an amazing role in an amazing show with an amazing cast during my last semester of classes at BYU-Idaho. (Hey, what are you doing March 22nd? That's when Enchanted April opens, and I want to see you there.)

10. Winter ends, the days get longer, and we put away the space heaters and keep the windows open all night.

The comforting thing is that at least half of these things can and will come true in the next few months. (Probably not the first two, though. Or the 7th. Fingers crossed for the 8th one.)

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  1. i will so come see enchanted april! assuming i'm not, you labor or something.

  2. We're a little more than heartbroken that we won't be able to see Enchanted April. But know that we WANT TO.

    And Argentine!!!! OMGWTFNOWAYSOCOOL!!

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