Tuesday, April 10, 2012

It gets better

First of all, I just want to give this clarification: Any sexual activity outside of marriage and any homosexual activities are against the commandments. While our thoughts and feelings may at times run contrary to the doctrines of the gospel, it is only in pursuing them to actions that we violate covenants. Furthermore, Christ's teachings in the Book of Mormon and the New Testament reveal that we should forgive all men, pass judgement no one, and treat all with kindness and love, whether they are violating covenants or not, no matter what the covenant or what the violation. Because of misunderstanding these principles, many Church members don't know how to "deal" with members of the Church who have homosexual feelings. This has led gay members (those who feel attracted to the same gender, whether or not its acted upon) to depression, self-hatred, and isolation. The tremendous courage it takes to come out as a Latter-day Saint is extraordinary.

Today, I am filled with gratitude toward my Heavenly Father for the love He has for His children, and the ability He has given all of us to feel it. I'm ecstatically grateful that BYU has established the USGA (a gay-straight alliance), and pray that anyone who feels alone in this issue will reach out to those who are willing to help them, and that all of us will be willing to help one another, no matter the nature of the struggle. Taking leaps like attending a meeting or calling a number or saying something out loud takes great courage, but it's worth it, and the weight will lift as soon as you allow someone else to share whatever you're feeling.

High fives, hugs of support and gratitude, and rounds of applause to all those who are part of the USGA. You are proof that it DOES get better.


  1. This makes me so happy. I'm struggling to find the words for just how happy this makes me.

  2. Wow. This is beautiful. I have a long, way too personal comment I could write in response to this but instead I'll just say that this is beautiful.