Friday, March 8, 2013

In which I am candid

Know what SUCKS?

A bladder infection.

I know because I have one right now. I've never had one before, so this is my lucky week, I guess. And let's talk candidly about how uncomfortable this is.

I feel, 100% of the time, like I have to pee and like I have mild menstrual cramps. Of course, I can't pee very successfully, but you're not supposed to hold it, so every second I'm like, "Is this real? Do I really have to go? I feel like I do, but it could just be the infection. But it will be worse if I don't go..." So I spend a lot of time sitting on the toilet, and when I'm not sitting on the toilet, I think about whether or not I should be sitting on the toilet.

I did go to the doctor this morning (instead of teaching class--because I'm the teacher and can cancel it whenever I want to), whom I paid $130 to in exchange for the privilege of peeing in a cup, which is actually pretty difficult to do...just aiming-wise. He also gave me a prescription for antibiotics, which I appreciate, and told me to drink lots of water and pure cranberry juice.

Have you ever TASTED pure cranberry juice? That stuff is NOT GOOD. I don't understand how a liquid can be so dry. I've been compromising by diluting cranberry juice with water and adding about a tablespoon of sugar per glass. Which I guess means I could have just bought cranberry juice cocktail and saved around $8, but whatever.

But I'm taking the antibiotic pills, along with a probiotic, and feel slightly nauseous because of them. Which, the little info card with the prescription says is a common side effect. And then on the other side of the info card, it says to call a doctor immediately if I experience nausea.

I think I'll just go back to reading in bed and drinking diluted cranberry juice. FOREVER.

I'm not in dire pain or anything. But being moderately uncomfortable non-stop gets tiring after a few days and nights, and I'm losing my morale. Any tips on how to speed this healing process up? Or make me comfortable while it's happening?

UPDATE: Thank you everyone, for your advice, cranberry pills, essential oils, blessings, and sympathy! I've been on antibiotics, but woke up this morning with very mild lower back pain and immediately spun into a panic. (Remember how I'm neurotic and how acute kidney failure is a constant fear?) Anyway, I went to the doctor again, and I don't have a fever or dark urine, so he said to just keep taking antibiotics and give it a few more days. I happened to mention that I'm taking a probiotic with my prescription to help me with nausea. He told me to stop, because it's counterproductive. 

I thought about it for a minute and realized that while taking an ANTIbiotic, I shouldn't combine it with a PRObiotic. 

Which I already did this morning, so I guess I'm in for another day of being moderately uncomfortable before the antibiotics kick in, without probiotics to counteract them. I feel sort of idiotic. 

Oh well. Nothing some water and Star Trek: The Next Generation can't cure. (I just discovered the entire series is available to stream for free through Amazon Prime. Last night, Jacob and I watched that one where Q turns Captain Picard into Robin Hood and makes him fight for Vash. Patrick Stewart really is dashing. And Star Trek is super awesome.) 


  1. Okay. First antibiotics should kick in in about a day! Instead of the pure cranberry juice you could try cranberry can get them in vitamin aisle at Wal-Mart! Other than that UTIs are miserable. To prevent in the future pee after doing the deed..every.time.! Also pee when you need to pee...don't hold it!

  2. aaaah i have cran-actin pills i could have brought you today! you can get them at nature's nook, though. basically it's just suuuuuper concentrated cranberry in a pill. i got a bladder infection when i was pregnant and it SUCKED. i actually thought i was in labor at first because i'd never had a bladder infection or had a baby before. anyways, i started feeling relief a couple hours after i started taking those cranactin pills. good luck!

  3. Totally agree on the cranberry pills instead of juice. Keep hydrated and get some rest, stay away from sugar and white flour, and use oregano essential oil and on guard or thieves blend on a hot compress over your abdomen/pubic area. I completely relate to being obsessed with the discomfort of needing to pee. Pure torture.

  4. I used to get them regularly, and they suck.
    Just a little note, sugar will help to feed the infection vs. kill it. Also you can get a pain med prescribed that numbs the pain completely, I used to get them so often that I would keep them on hand.

  5. don't drink cranberry juice cocktail, it has apple juice in it which can help the bacteria in your infection grow.

  6. Bladder infection is indeed very uncomfortable and makes you irritated as it goes on, there's a traditional remedy we use in my country, by adding some salt to water and washing with it every time you use the bathroom. I wish you a speedy recovery^^

  7. Bladder infection is indeed very uncomfortable and makes you irritated as it goes on, there's a traditional remedy we use in my country, by adding some salt to water and washing with it every time you use the bathroom. I wish you a speedy recovery^^

  8. I have never had a bladder infection. I am male. I am sorry.

  9. Yea to cranberry pills! I always take probiotics when I'm on antibiotics otherwise I get a yeast infection... and let's just say that when you combine the bladder and the yeast and all that infection... words cannot describe the horror.

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  11. Ouch. I have no awesome remedies. I have enormous, enormous amounts of sympathy. Rest and Trek, my friend. Rest and Trek.