Saturday, August 10, 2013

These things happened. Weeks 15 and 16.

We've only got three weeks left here at the Playmill. This realization has filled me with a vague sense of panic...all things must end, but I have this feeling that I still have lots I need to do while HERE. I think a lot of us feel this way. There's this underlying sense that we've still got to watch this movie in the theatre, visit this place in the park, do this activity as a cast. We've got a "bucket list"* on the call board of things we need to do before August 31st.

But if we have a driving need to do things, we can comfort ourselves knowing the last few weeks have been filled with the following:

Bozeman weekend!
It was so awesome. The hotel was so awesome. Jacob and I drove up with Jacob S, and we stopped at this place called "The Roost" for their southern fried chicken, which met our expectations and then some. We spent some time shopping at a few different places, before Jacob and I headed off to the Museum of the Rockies. IT WAS SO AWESOME. There was a space exhibit, and we watched a planetarium show called "The Violent Universe" narrated by Patrick Stewart, and we looked at lots and lots and lots of dinosaur fossils. I think my favorite was the triceratops room. They had a whole line of skulls with those big frill things, from babies to huge mamas. Then we hung out at the hotel for a few minutes before going to the City Park with some peeps. We played missionary tag and a few other games, and I was reminded how fun it is to play games with my husband. He's so...FAST. And Charlie sat in a swing for the first time. Then it was off to The Olive Garden, then an evening of watching Ice Road Truckers and Mountain Men on the History Channel. (TV is a luxury.) We had to leave pretty early in the morning to get back to work box office, which was a bummer, but the drive was pretty and the company was good, and the continental breakfast at the hotel was pretty tasty.

 I accidentally "shot" the brothers in "Seven Brides" the other night. I have the gun cocked in one of the last scenes, when we're all chasing the brothers down for stealing the brides. In the moment I point the gun at them, I accidentally squeezed the trigger. There aren't any blanks or anything, so I don't think the audience noticed, but the brothers did, and I did. And I spent the rest of the scene facing the back wall of the stage to hide my laughter. "Trigger-happy Bixby," they call me.

Here's a bizarre fact: I am indecent every time Jacob S sees me backstage. I'm always changing, or trying to fix a microphone or something. Although every time he accuses me of being indecent, I always reply that I'm decent, I'm just not dressed.

Baby Charlie made his stage debut! Nicole usually takes the fake baby (which is used in all 3 shows) onstage in the very last scene of "Beauty & the Beast"--she's a pregnant villager for the rest of the show, and by the end, she's had the baby. Well, baby Charlie got wrapped up in a blanket and carried onstage for the final scene this week! He alternated between being chill and being confused. He did so well we decided to put him in a variety show sketch that we usually use the fake baby for...the baby gets thrown in the air, raspberried, and peek-a-booed. Charlie was a little confused for the first few events, but by the time peek-a-boo came around, he was all smiles.

Summer Camp! Every summer, the Playmill puts on a week-long summer camp for youth, where they have an opportunity to take classes, learn songs and choreography, watch the shows and ask questions afterwards, and put together a variety show for their families. I felt a little rusty as a teacher, but I was reminded how much I love teaching. Those kids were AWESOME. The week flew by, and I miss them all already.

How Jerry's line in "Seven Brides" is never the same twice. I'm not even sure what he's supposed to say, but it's something like, "None of our town girls will go with you, Adam, you gotta head back East to find one of them." The other night, he said something to the effect of "None of our town girls want a back door woodsman. You'll have to go back East." Never mind what we speculated a "back door woodsman" is.

The BEST girls' number EVER. During "Seven Brides," the girls sing "My Guy" and flirt with the boys in the audience. At one point in the number, we pick one guy to drag onstage and embarrass. If we can, we pick a little kid, because they're the funniest. Well, the five-year-old boy we picked during the 8:30 show was in such complete shock and jubilation that he was onstage surrounded by these girls singing to him that he was practically paralyzed. He stood with huge eyes and his mouth open wide, frozen in place by his own amazement. It was so hysterically funny that none of us girls could keep from laughing, and the last note of the song was practically non-existent, because we were all laughing so hard. Here's a demonstration Syd and I did of this kid's face...he alternated between the huge eyes and the wrinkled nose versions:

Also, Amanda and Nicole all kinds of fell during "Seven Brides." Like, on the floor, legs kicking in the air, tangled up fell. I'm not even entirely sure how it happened, but it was pretty amazing.

And finally, here are a few pictures that just haven't made it onto the blog yet.

 Cogsworth discusses the meaning of life with a young patron during a show.

 Playmill prom.

 Old man baby.

Last-minute costume ironing.

I pulled this ten-dollar bill out of my apron during concessions to give as change. Whhhaaaaat?

* I think I've given up on this battle. 

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  1. He's a backdoor woodsman and he's okay, sleeps all night and he works all day?