Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Another list of...

...documentaries. Of course. During the summer at the Playmill, I didn't watch many, but now I'm back in Rexburg, and in my post-Playmill depression, I've been watching lots. Especially about ancient aliens. Here are a few to add to the list.

Ancient Egypt: The Mystery of the Rosetta Stone
A historical documentary with strong cinematography and great acting? Awesome. And an exciting and interesting documentary about history and language.

Real Ninjas
So awesome! This talked about the tools and weapons that real ninjas used, many of which gave rise to the myths surrounding their abilities (e.g. scaling walls, catching swords with their bare hands, walking through walls, etc). Ninjutsu is actually a pretty cool practice...it combines the skill of the samurai with the discipline and philosophy of Buddhism. Cool, huh?

There is a whole plethora of documentaries about how aliens visited/created ancient civilizations, and I love almost all of them. I've been on a big ancient alien kick, so I'll just link the handful of episodes I've been watching. (My opinion? I'm open to the possibility of aliens visiting earth, but I'm even more open to the idea that human civilization goes through cycles of knowledge and ignorance, light and darkness, and that we're insulting our own humanity by saying those who came before couldn't have done what we do. But there's still some pretty amazing stuff in the ancient world. Underground cities! Magnetic earth lines! Peru!) Anyway, have fun watching these.
Ancient Aliens - Proof They Set Up Our Civilizations!
Ancient Aliens - Mysterious Places!
Ancient Aliens - Underwater Worlds! 
Ancient Aliens - A Secret Code!
Ancient Aliens - Tombs! 
Ancient Aliens - Puma Punku!
Ancient Aliens - Power Plants! 

And I really debated about posting these last two, but I decided to because they were so interesting and it was totally possible for me to watch them appropriately. They talks about ancient traditions and beliefs about sexuality, the culture surrounding sex, and some of the laws involved. Fascinating. There's actually a whole series, but I've only watched the Egypt and Rome ones. Reader/Viewer discretion advised.
Sex in the Ancient World: Egypt
Sex in the Ancient World: Rome

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