Tuesday, December 3, 2013

From NaNoWriMo to Pearl Jam to Salt Lake City

Goal #8 for this 28th year of life = DONE.

I was inspired by videos like this one, and decided to make one of my own. It's amazing how quickly a month can go by when you see it this way.

The other challenge is this. How do you know what the defining moment of a day was until that day is over? How do you know which moments are the important ones to capture? As I was putting this video together, there are big important things that are shown--NaNoWriMo, the Pearl Jam concert, Ruthie's smiles. But there are other things that are glaringly absent--long talks with Carrie, "Next to Normal" at UVU, Thanksgiving dinner, Santa Cruz with my grandparents. Part of that is logistics, but the other part is simply not being sure when to film things.

Behold, the month of November, in 3-second clips.

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  1. This is a really fun and interesting idea! I'll have to find a good month to do it. Love you! XOXOXO