Sunday, September 7, 2008

"Russian birthday song! Party party party party! You have to frown but you still can dance!" --Nathan Russell

It's my birthday tomorrow! In celebration, check out this awesome song, from a kid's cartoon in Russia.

This alligator is cheerfully singing about his birthday, despite the rain. More specifically, he sings this:

Let the pedestrians run clumsily along the puddles,
and the water runs along the street like a river.
And it's not clear to the passers by
on this bad weather-ish day,
why I am so happy.
I play on the accordian in front of the passersby in sight.
Unfortunately, birthday is only once a year.
A wizard will fly in suddenly
in a light blue helicopter and for free, will show movies.
He will congratulate with the day of birth
and probably will give me, as a present,
five hundred eskimo pies.

Happy birthday, me.

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