Sunday, December 21, 2008

One part angsty/two parts chic novel/one part therapy (ain't that what art's about?)

14 Lies

(Or “ Wishful Thinking”)

If I’ve lived in Idaho
for the last four years
this shouldn’t feel cold to me.

I am a natural redhead.

Men with commitment issues
are an urban myth.

Milk chocolate
is good for you.

Janis Joplin never did
any drugs.

Comic Frenzy will be
I will be a part of it.

I’ll never have acne
during this mortal
life again.

I’ll make a habit
of going to the gym

There was nothing
I could have done for him.

We’ll both be accepted
to study
at The Actor’s Studio.
And then interviewed
by James Lipton.

He never slept with her.

One day I’ll see
the Beatles.

Chef Boyardee is the same as
real spaghetti
and home-made sauce.

When I get back, it will be my turn.
This is the semester that
something will
finally happen.


  1. at least several of those are false

    you will see the beatles live
    they will just be ... dead
    music exists beyond this world
    because that's where it originated from of course.

    evidence: have you heard euro pop?