Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Rants and Raves


Today was one of those days when the world seems against you. When everything is frustrating and going wrong.

But there is a pair of rose-tinted glasses for every half-empty glass, I suppose. Here are a few of mine from today.

When you leave for the day, Oma and Opa, please leave me the keys to open the truck canopy and get the bike out. Or leave me a note telling me where the keys are.
RAVE: I found them eventually. Every man over 30 keeps his keys and spare change on top of the bureau, and thankfully you do too.

RANT: Lloyd's donuts should not be sold out at 1pm.
RAVE: Lucky's chocolate milk does pack more chocolatey goodness for your dollar.

RANT: If the public library catalogue says that "Dead Until Dark" is on the shelf, it should be more specific about which one. And furthermore, the book should be on the shelf. In general paperbacks, or fiction, or mystery, or even teens. Any of the shelves the system said it was on.
RAVE: Good thing I have a job where I can take out my frustration at bad book cataloguing systems by organizing and shelving books to my neat-freak, data-systems mind's delight. Getting paid for my own organizing therapy.

RANT: Christmas.
RAVE: Christmas.

RANT: When you're driving in a car, you should be aware of someone nearby, even if they're on a bicycle and not in another car.
RAVE: I can bike on sidewalks or streets, thus saving time and energy. And I don't have to pay for gas.

RANT: The post office outlet in the Hallmark store near my house should send packages to APO addresses. It really should.
RAVE: There's something somehow fun and special to owning the unusual challenges of your family living in a third-world country.

RANT: Christmas presents. And birthday presents.
RAVE: Christmas presents. And birthday presents.

RANT: I filled out how many forms at the FedEx office? Four? Five? How many times did they mess up on which forms to fill out and what lines to sign? And how long was I there? Forty-five minutes?
RAVE: Did you know that if you label a package "Gift Shipment" and name it's value at under $10, it gets through customs faster?

RANT: You're going to charge me HOW MUCH to send this to Honduras????!!!???!! One-forty-nine-seventeen?! As in ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY-NINE DOLLARS!???!!! Yeah, NOT happening. I just wasted 45 minutes of my life in your office, FedEx. Screw you, FedEx.
RAVE: Oma will drop the package off for me at the US Post Office tomorrow. Where they'll charge $16. At the most.

RANT: What the hell just happened? Did I just accidentally...inadvertantly...ask my co-worker out? Or, like...invite myself out with him? Like...a date? It was not my intention to, but then why did my other listening co-workers make those faces and laugh so hard...? That was so awkward.
RAVE: I guess I'll be able to cross "Pulp Fiction" off the AFI list sometime soon.

RANT: While I enjoy the novelty of working in a "haunted" bookstore, the whole knocking books off the shelf thing is really annoying. Especially when it's the end of the night, and the whole point of what I'm doing is to put books neatly back ON the shelves. And make sure they're tidy. And not falling/being thrown onto the ground.
RAVE: Although I gotta admit, choosing the book "Ghosts Among Us" to knock over repeatedly was a nice touch. Our resident ghost seems to at least have a sense of humor.

RANT: It's nearly 1am. And I'm hungry. Oma and Opa are light sleepers, so whatever I eat had better just be something munchy that I can quietly take to my room.
RAVE: Oma finally replenished the house's chocolate-covered raisin supply.

RANT: Retail Christmas music.
RAVE: The Lindsay family daily facebook Christmas song.


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