Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Life with the Chapmans

Ever wondered what an average day in the Chapman Home is like? Pictures speak a thousand words. (So here's daily life in 4,000 words...)

Oh, and here's Thanksgiving in 5,000 words:

There was lots of music.


  1. I was going comment: "What is Jacob wearing?" but realized that in not being specific, you would assume I'm asking about the outfit in front of the closet. I'm not. I'm referring to the Thanksgiving sweater.

    I miss you guys like crazy.

  2. IRON THE WAX UP OUT OF THE CARPET WITH NEWSPAPER UNDER THE IRON. could have saved me 400 dollar deposit. i now share this with you. also i spill my scentsy thing all the time... wups. wf:wrypo a wry pyro.

  3. J - I totally did that! It worked awesome.

    C - His Thanksgiving sweater is his Comic Frenzy Ugly Sweater Show sweater. But he's taken to wearing it about normally.

  4. I'm having an ugly sweater party soon and I've also started taking to wearing the 'ugly sweater' about normally.

    p.s. these pictures are FANTASTIC

  5. ...is that my shirt?

    So wish I could have watched the dog show with you. Please tell me the Peke featured in your screenshot didn't win BIS.

  6. Annie - Which shirt?

    Also, that little poof-ball did NOT win BIS. I don't remember who did, though.