Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Work in progress

I'm almost done with the first draft. One day, I'll hand a printed copy to my mom, who keeps reminding me that this MUST be written.

There's still a lot of work to do, but this ROCKIN' cover and perfect title for my little Kirby memoir, is great motivation to finish.

(The title is from the "Kirby song" we sang as an office to get us pumped every morning. "Up in my head, down in my feet, deep in my heart, I got the whole Kirby spirit!")


  1. title is genius, cant wait to buy one and say i knew the girl who wrote it. wf: pairch: a pair of churches, or when two churches are next to each other. alternatively: when a church serves only pears instead of sermons. maybe it also means a perched pair of birdies. i'm not sure. it's one of the three.

  2. One day, you better hand me a printed copy ... this story MUST be written!!!!

    love you, and am so proud of you that you have been able to fit this in, with everything else you are doing!


  3. i'd buy it even if i didn't know what a rockin' chick you are in real life!

  4. I wouldn't buy it.

    I would make you give me a copy.

    WV: "blesetic" - a really awesome blessing

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