Monday, January 7, 2013

Next chapter

Hey, I graduated from college. I have a Bachelor's degree. I even have a JOB.

Okay, so it's a temporary job. I teach freshmen English at BYU-I. Just two classes. And just for this semester. But it's totally related to my degree and it's AWESOME!

For all of you people who are still on the long and dusty road to a college degree, I thought I'd give you a glimpse into life as a college graduate. Just to, you know, inspire you. Give you an image to work toward.

Here is what college graduates do. They:
- Watch House MD in 4 to 8-episode binges
- Wear pajamas whenever possible
-  Occasionally stay up really really late doing something pointless like cruising facebook and then get up really early the next day
- Don't clean very often
- Eat out of tupperware because the dishes are dirty
- Carpool
- Eat Golden Grahams straight out of the box
- Only splurge on Golden Grahams once a year because the food budget is around $40 per week

So really, it's not too different from being a college student.

On a totally different note, here's something else to check out. You will scream and then laugh. 


  1. Right on the money. Except for me it was gold fish crackers.

  2. hahahaha congratulations and good luck, that squirrel was epic xD