Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Week 10, or Truly Summer

It's been such a full week, and it occurred to me today that it seems like it is now TRULY summer. It's the second full week we haven't had rehearsals, and the week was filled with everything from laying around and reading to bonfires and swimming. Here's the last week and a half or so in list form.

Things Done Sunday Before Last
1. Lunch at Bill's house--a Playmill patron of many years
2. Sitting outside and looking out over Hebgen Lake in the sunshine
3. A semi-off-roading adventure with Jerry and Squire
4. Hanging out at a cabin belonging to Luke's family, eating nachos and watching "The Dark Knight"

Things Done Last Sunday
1. Singing in sacrament meeting
2. Lunch at Heidi's parents' house
3. An uplifting fireside
4. Swimming/wading in the river
5. Banana boats by a bonfire
6. Visiting friends in Rexburg

Ways Jacob Squire Failed to Get My Oreo From the Arm of the Couch at Heidi's Parents' House
1. Lasso-ing with a sunglasses chain
2. Lasso-ing with a watch
3. Lasso-ing with a shoe
(This whole process was hysterically funny, but I don't think I can do it justice in writing. It just kept getting more and more unsuccessful.)

Ways You Can Be Cruel to Actors At the Playmill
1. Make them wear several layers of wool and/or leather in July, under stage lights, when it's 90 degrees outside with 70% humidity, in a building way too old to have efficient air conditioning
2. Complain about the heat as an audience member

Things Mason Doesn't Remember Doing Saturday Night After Getting a Concussion
1. Pretending to throw up on Section A during "Gaston"
2. Talking to someone in concessions, then turning to me, throwing his arms around me and slurring, "Linz! I love you. You're the only one who appreciates me," then kissing me on the forehead and walking away

Lyrics Jacob Squire is Supposed to Sing in the Mob Song
It's a beast! He's got fangs, razor sharp ones.
Massive paws, killer claws for the feast.
Hear him roar! See him foam!
But we're not coming home 'til he's dead!

Lyrics Jacob Squire Actually Sang in the Mob Song 
He's a beast, he's as tall as a mountain!
He's got claws...razor sharp ones too!
Here we come, there we go....'til he's dead!

Things I Look Forward To On a Regular Basis
1. Frumah-Sarah's entrance during The Dream in "Fiddler on the Roof." (Man, it's so awesome. That whole scene is one of my favorite things of the whole summer.)
2. Singing pre-show

Favorite Things About Carrie and Scott Visiting This Last Weekend
1. Talking (and laughing) for hours
2. Georgia's version of throwing something in the air and catching it in her mouth (she just holds it up in the air for a second then puts it in her mouth)
3. Hearing fun stories about how Georgia spent her 2nd birthday
4. Just seeing them--let's be honest, I can never get enough of these Chapmans and I wish we could have spent more time with them

Things Jacob Chapman Has Said Quietly and In Character During Crowd Scenes 
1. During Seven Brides, as a suitor, talking to one of the brides: "I heard of an opening in Alaska...for two unmarried schoolteachers. We should go. But be married. We'll fool 'em! 'Cause we'll be married!"
2. During Fiddler, as the rabbi, after the Russians come and destroy everything at the wedding reception, to a crying Tzietel: "It's all right. I think we're having some ice cream or something later."


  1. I die of happiness when I read your blog...just so you know!....

    ps. Your husband's name is Ian Cartwright in the restaurant scene of Seven Brides. His wife died a year ago and is so drunk off his patootie because he can't deal with the pain. That is the only reason why Millie puts up with his Shananigans!....


    Liz Chapman's list of favorite things Anya Wilson has said during Seven Brides:

    1. They are persistent!
    2. Don't try to avert your eyes, you know you want to look!

  2. I. Love. This. Blog.
    Please write much more about the wonderful Playmill and your summer adventures!

    That's all.

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  4. Oh my gosh. This makes me love the playmill that much more.