Sunday, September 7, 2014

Keep saying funny things, everyone. You're golden.

It's finished! I'm officially on Volume #5 of the Quotebook.

So in celebration, here are a few gems from the last pages. This batch is pretty Jacob-heavy, but I do hang out with him ALL THE TIME.

Liz: Man, I had weird dreams last night.
Jacob: So did I.
Liz: Did you have a make out dream about Jason Sudeikis, too?!

"Nothing glamorous can ever be by a Papa John's." -- Isha

(Brigham, Riley, and Marshall sing an amazing harmony in rehearsal) 
Marshall: Yes! That was awesome! I'm and bothered now!
Riley: Really?
Marshall: It doesn't take much, with musicals.

"Most of my childhood was spent in pursuit of feeling like I was flying." -- Jacob

"What the heck even are pugs?! They're nothing but booty and smooshed faces." -- Laura

"I HATE math! I'm better at POOPING than I am at math!" -- Jacob

"#1 reason to live in conservative cities. Awesome books are donated to the thrift store." -- Carrie

"No more hitchhikers! The last one had diabetes!" -- Anonymous, said during an improv scene

"I've spent the last few years trying to think of things other than Star Wars." -- Jacob

Liz: Brandilyn's an old soul, for sure.
Brandilyn: I'm the oldest soul. It really shines through in my butt jokes.

"So...I've been thinking. And...I can't come up with anything." -- Jacob, out of the blue

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  1. I MADE THE QUOTE BOOK?!?!?! Biggest honor! I live for these posts. They ake me feel a little bit like I'm at an improv rehearsal, which is a very good thing.