Monday, January 26, 2009

Note to Self

It. Is. Four. Twelve. In. The. Morning.


Oh yeah, because I took an over-the-counter medicine that has a minute amount of caffeine in it. At around 7 oh clock in the evening. Which apparently my body is super-sensitive to.

I don't even know why the crap it's got caffeine in it.

Note to self: Whilst Multi-Symptom Midol does wonders during the day, you'd best steer clear of it come sun down if you want to get ANY sleep.

Most of the time, I'm an insomniac by choice. I stay awake because I'd rather be doing something more interesting than sleep. But with a Monday that starts in, oh, 4 hours or so, I'd really really really like to be asleep right now. I have a roommate who's about to WAKE UP to get ready for class in an HOUR AND A HALF. And I'm sitting at the kitchen counter with a laptop in front of me.

Trying to Fall Asleep Tonight: Things That Have Not Worked
1. Reading.
2. Listening to music.
3. Meditating.
4. Visualizations.
5. Eating.
6. Laying in bed with my eyes closed.
7. Sudoku.
8. Facebook-ing.
9. Homework.
10. Trimming my cuticles.
11. Drinking water.
12. Writing scripts/scenes in my head.
13. Pretending the sound of the snow-plow outside is actually the sound of the ocean.
14. Planning my outfit for tomorrow.
15. Making a shopping list.
16. Making a to-do list.
17. Making any kind of list I can think of.
18. Contemplating different hairstyles I could try.
19. Blogging.


  1. Once when I couldn't sleep I looked online for "how to fall asleep" and there's WikiHow on it ( ) I tried a bunch of things on the list, but you know what worked??? #18:

    "Think of impossible things. Think of the most strange impossible things as fast as you can and don't stop. For example, imagine purple Twinkies™ walking on the walls then they grow red wings with yellow fishhooks dangling from them.. etc. Just think of the most weird strange thing you can and let the thoughts keep getting more and more strange and make less and less sense. You are guaranteed to fall asleep fast."

    I was imagining imagining blue dogs with dragonfly wings and purple unicorns and then I was waking up in the morning! lol

  2. Have you tried street drugs? That always does it for me.