Saturday, March 19, 2005

I wonder who's sneakier...Gollum or Harriet Tubman?

HELLO!!!!!!!!! Long time no blog! I would like to tell a little story to begin this little blog.
SOooooo, Jen and I were taking a little stroll home from the movie theatre tonight when in the distance we see a young man speeding toward us down the hill on his bicycle. Let me mention right here that the sidewalk we were walking on was approximately 5 feet wide. Seeing as how we are 2 people, it would seem that 1 person on a bicycle would be able to plan ahead his route to avoid those 2 people, ESPECIALLY when those 2 people move over to accomodate him. However, as he's speeding toward us, I thought to myself "He's not slowing down. And he's not moving over." Jen was thinking the same thing. And we were right! He totally didn't! He very narrowly missed us, and yelled as he whizzed by "Fetchin' A!" I have never in my life heard that particular phrase, especially never in so angry a tone of voice. He was SO MAD. As if there wasn't approximately 4 more feet of sidewalk that he could have used! People are so weird. And Jen and I laughed.
Moving on. As some of you may be aware, it's Mother's Weekend here on the campus of BYU-Idaho! Which means there are middle-aged, LDS women EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!! Not like that's completely a bad thing, but it's for shizzle a weird thing. It definitely has it's perks though. For example, today from noon to 2:oopm, the forbidden hallways and bedrooms of the boys dorms were open to all women! The origonal intent was for mothers to be able to visit their sons and see their rooms, but never having had such freedom before, the boys dorms were definitely more full of college girls than mothers. It amazes me that we could have gotten so much joy and satisfaction out of a simple thing like being allowed inside the boy's dorms. (Oh, for those of you who don't know this, the guy's dorms are set up differently from the girls', and girls aren't allowed in their hallways or rooms...we're restricted to the lounge. This is because as soon as you take one step into the guy's hallways or rooms, you have no choice but to make babies. It just hits you and you can't control it, unless it's between noon and 2pm on the Saturday of Mother's Weekend, during which time, that particular force of nature is temporarily shut off.) For the first few minutes I still felt like brimstone awaited me as soon as I walked through the forbidden back door, but that soon melted away and we just had fun running around and having the boys show us around. And 98% of the fun was just because we were doing something we would normally be put on probation for. Or thrust down to hell for. Or some combination of the two.
I've noticed a strange thing about mothers this weekend. Watching everyone walk around campus, you can totally pick out who's mother is whose. THEY ALL LOOK SO MUCH ALIKE! Not that every mother looks like every other mother, but mothers and daughters and mothers and sons are so easy to pair up. I know that's actually common, but I guess I just didn't realize how common.
There's another convenience to Mother's's sort of got an inconvenience within it, but that's getting complicated, so let me start at the beginning where I started to start before I got ahead of myself. (That sentence was really complicated.) My point is this. I like the fact that boys have their mothers visiting, because then you get the satisfaction of watching them treat their mothers well. Which almost all of them do. And there's also just the satisfaction of watching how your guy friends treat their mothers and analyzing it. For example, my awesome friend Casey proved today that he's especially awesome, because he held the door open for his mother today. And here's the kicker...HE DID IT EVEN WHEN HE DIDN'T KNOW THAT ANYONE WAS WATCHING. Which makes him even awesomer, because a boy treating his mother well for the sake of impressing other people is almost worse than him not treating his mother well at all.
There is also the definite perk of mothers being kind and motherly and buying your roomates lots of food and toilet paper! I like that perk. (It didn't occur to me until about 10 minutes ago when my roomate and her mom walked into the room with about 12 grocery bags.) Of course, most of it is for my roomate and not me, but you can't help but feel blessed and wealthy and excited just having all that in your house.
I just now attempted to continue writing, but it has just occured to me that my grasp of the human language slowly disintegrates as it gets later and later at night. I'm not going to blog anymore tonite. Bona sera.