Saturday, June 28, 2008

So we think they can

Well, folks, it's happened. I have reached the point where I schedule my life around a television show. We record it every week, but even so, we still have to change rehearsal times and get time off work for "So You Think You Can Dance." BUT ITS SO GOOD. Every Wednesday and Thursday night, Sarah, Nellie, Jenny Mae, Annie, Allison, Jordan and I gather in Greenbriar 22 and watch some of the most incredible dancers and choreographers tear up a studio stage. Check out some of our favorites. (Sorry I got a little youtube-happy...there are lots of videos, so I've added a little bit of a description of each in case you'd like to pick and choose what to watch. But enjoy!)

First of all, here's the first big group number they did on the show...the top 20 dancing the brilliant Wade Robson's choreo. I also love how Nigel goes along with all of this.

From the first episode, it's Twitch and Kherington, AKA "Twitchington" doing a little Broady-way dancing. They've both got personality out the ears, and Kherington has got the most gorgeous smile!

Also from the first episode, Katee and Josh doing an incredible routine about a guy going off to war. The choreographers, husband and wife Napoleon and Tabitha have been called the pioneers of "lyrical hip hop." I especially love the final moment of this one.

Here's one from last week, Kourtni and Matt doing a RAD contemporary routine by a new choreographer Sonya Tayeh (who's got RAD hair as well, by the way). The concept is two comic book characters having a playful fight. There are some fantastic moments in this.

I saved my favorite dancer for last! Mark Kanemura has NAILED every single genre he's gotten to dance, and he commits 110% to every moment he's onstage. He's quirky and so talented and I simply adore him. His partner's not bad either, of course, and matches him very well. Chelsea's a ballroom dancer from Orem, Utah (woot), and although she's no Mark Kanemura, I'm warming up to her more and more and she continues to prove herself a powerful and soulful dancer.

Here are two of their three dances this season so far. Their second week, they did an Argentine Tango that simply sizzled, but I can't find a good youtube video of it yet. I'll be sure to post it when I do, though. In the meantime, if you want to see it, click here for the link.

WATCH THESE ONES!!! Even if you didn't watch the others.

Incredible choreographer, that Mia Michaels! The concept for this one is "What would Tim Burton's wedding be like?" Two people who have found each other who are not quite the norm.

Another brilliant lyrical hip hop by Napoleon and Tabitha. Don't fall in love with a man who's in love with his work. I'm in love with this routine. (And with Mark as well, of course.)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Yodeling puppets and laughing infants

Here are a couple of youtube videos that I'm surprised I haven't shared yet. They're two totally different but very amusing videos. The first one reminds me of my Mom's sense of humor. (Hey Mom, let's make a movie like this someday.) The second is just darling, and you simply cannot help laughing along with this sweet baby.