Friday, May 19, 2006

"My sandwich is blowing."

Hi all! I'm sorry I don't have any interesting pictures to post. This blog will have two purposes. The first is the most important, and that is to tell those who may be struggling with anything from a broken heart to an ingrown toenail, that I LOVE YOU and I daily thank the Lord for the blessing that you are in my life. More importantly, your Heavenly Father is aware of your troubles and is anxiously waiting to bless you. Be strong and keep on trucking and things will even out.

The second is a sort of turbo-update of life at the Playmill. It will come in the form of two lists...

LIST ONE: PLAYMILL VOCABULARY (which is all mostly David Walker's creation...)
"glorious"--anything good, lovely, praiseworthy, loud, powerful, etc. Can also be used in the form "gloriousness"
"clump-holery"--the formation onstage that we are in a great many times in the show, when we're all just clumped together in a little tableau without any particular geometric shape. Synonymous with "group-holery"
"______ie ________erton"--a conjugation of whatever word you want, be it a name, action, etc. For example, "Rachel" becomes "Rachie Racherton," "Get in a group" becomes "Group it up, Groupie Grouperton," "Glob" becomes "Globbie Globerton."

Since coming up to West Yellowstone, Montana
1 Trips to the E.R. since rehearsals began
79 Approximate hours spent in rehearsal
2 Times I've watched Old Faithful go off
9 Times I've cried (happy, sad, in character, and out of character)
8,462 Times I've laughed
1 Compliment I've received that I will treasure forever
2 Parental lectures received since moving to Montana
6 Times I've listened to the song "Come On, Eileen"
4 Cast members that are currently ill
9 Moments I've wondered about a cast member's sexuality
14 Number of times I've fallen while attempting a partnered cartwheel flip
1 Number of times Ben has dropped me on my head while we were attempting said cartwheel flip
0 Times Curtis and I have done our jive choreography correctly
8 Times I've done the "Go Go Joe" choreography correctly
0 Times I've done the "Go Go Joe" choreography correctly while being able to breathe and/or sing
3.1 Harry Potter books I've re-read
7 Number of ferral cats caught in the theatre and have now been sent home to Jesus
8 Times I have been down-right astounded by things that the Merrill children have said
6 Average number of times per day that I sing a high G above the octave
9,742 Number of times I have thought of the wonderful people that surround me and how much I miss those that I'm not with every day right now

Well, kids, I think that's about it for now! Every day I'm getting closer and closer to having a phone number, so to those who are trying to reach me, keep those e-mails coming! Love you all. Rock on.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

"You should put your hair in pigtails and wear lipstick. And bring a book!" --Maggie

By the way, Maggie is 5 years old. And that was her suggestion to my friend Curtis.

HEY I'M AT PLAYMILL IN BEAUTIFUL WEST YELLOWSTONE! This will have to be a short blog to update you all; I've got a thousand things to say but only 12 more minutes on the computer here in the public library.
We've just finished our first week of rehearsal, and I cannot believe how much we've gotten done. At the same time, we open in a week and a half, so I cannot believe how much more we still have to do! And as in the theatre world, there are a few bumps in the of our girls sprained her foot on the first day of rehearsal and will be in a boot for at least another week, two of our guys won't be here until the week we open, and during those few days we'll be teaching them everything, two more of our number will be missing. So the first time we do the show with the entire cast present will be opening night. On the other hand, the reason those two more will be missing is because J.D. got called back for Leaf Coneybear again in "Spelling Bee," so he and Melissa are flying out to NYC for a few days. Wish him luck!
I am astounded at the beauty of my surroundings, and by the fact that I get up every morning and put on dance clothes to go rehearsal, and it's going to work. SINGING AND DANCING AND ACTING IS MY JOB! That's fantastic. Hard work...rehearsal from 10am-1pm, 2:30-5:30, and 7:30-9:30 or however late we need to be. But so worth it.

I'll be putting an audio blog up with more details later, so until then, love you all and I'm still alive!