Tuesday, July 25, 2006

"All of us are just trying to eek through life...to find a penny and buy a twinkie."

I thought about putting a picture up here on this blog entry...I haven't done that in a while. But then I changed my mind. I'm currently at the theatre, waiting for the vacuum to cool down after it very rudely overheated. It's my first official day of my new position as a theatre janitor...$60 extra bucks a week for only 40 extra minutes a night? Of course I'll take the job!

So after updating you on what I happen to be doing right now, I'm going to make a deep dark confession. I'm actually a man. No, just kidding. That's not true at all. (Although now that I think about it, if it were true, it would make my secret wish that I'm about to confess a lot more plausible....) Secret Wish: I really want to go to Playmill prom with David Walker. The third Saturday in August is Playmill prom after the shows, complete with royalty, disco ball, and since we're all actors, we come in themed costumes, not just fancy dress. A newly-wed couple, a warrior and his concubine, etc. To avoid complications and drama, only married couples are automatically allowed to go with eachother. Everyone else draws names. But I really want to go with David because A) We're good friends with no potentially awkward past, B) I know he would stay up and dance like crazy with me, and C) I want to go as rock stars and I know he'd be all over that.

Keep your fingers crossed. Guess what, I'm done blogging and I'm going to finish vacuuming now.


  1. What is a potential awkward past? Does anyone else think the word "awkward" is spelled awkwardly???

  2. Oh, and I get what you mean, I'm just kidding around. I hope you go to prom with him too.