Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I have.

(This post is a little more emotional than usual. But it's my blog. I'll cry if I want to.)

Have you ever become a part of something just as it's ending? (I'm not talking about JB's restaurant.) Something wonderful? Something that might have intimidated or scared you, and just when you finally get the guts to ask to be a part of it, it's over?

Friends don't come easily to me. For the majority of the time, I'm awkward for about two years before I'm actually friends with someone. Girls terrify me, and now that I'm married, I'm still trying to figure out exactly how to be friends with boys. My closest friends now (with the exception of my husband) are people I've known and been close to for a minimum of three years.

So when friends leave, it's pretty damn lame. I'm grateful Jacob is one of my bff's. Because he HAS to stick around.

The thing is, all week I've been telling people "Oh, yeah, this is the easiest finals week of my life! I love it! No final tests or projects, no white glove clean checks, I don't have to pack or's fantastic!" But then, last night I got to spend an evening hanging out with Carrie and Darcy and Brandilyn, and I realized, I mean REALLY realized, that Darc and Carrie are leaving. This weekend. ForEVER. Carrie, who has been my friend since Acting I in Fall of 2004, and Darcy, who I've longed to get to know for YEARS, and just been too shy.

I'm not always good at showing it, but I really love and care about you girls. Thank you for your friendship. Darcy, enjoy being home and on a new adventure. Carrie, you will find your place. You always do. Brandilyn, you and I have got to stick together. We gotta get through this.


  1. Where's a smiley face emoticon with a tear when you need it?

  2. Thank you for this! I love you, too! I'll be back soon, so don't go mourning the loss too much, now. Soak up some Mexican sun for me :)